State Drugs / ZEPHR – Split 7″ (Snappy Little Numbers)

State Drugs / ZEPHR - Split 7" - Snappy Little Numbers

Here’s the last one from the excellent batch of records sent by Denver, Colorado, prolific label Snappy Little Numbers. It’s a split 7″ between State Drugs and ZEPHR. State Drugs includes Chris Kuhn of Pulling Teeth, Hatewaves, and Permanent Mistakes. The band unleashed an impressive amount of recordings since 2017, such as Sandwina EP, College Radio EP, Gun Knots EP, Live Laugh Love LP, Explosions On The Radio EP, 666 Blah Blah Blah EP, and the split release I will be talking about today. ZEPHR is equally prolific as State Drugs, and their discography counts six releases like We Like What You Like EP, singles named Please Send Help, Casey & Don’t Worry About It, Don’t Worry About It LP, and the beforementioned split. It’s more than clear we’re dealing with two busy bands today, and this split release unquestionably sounds like it’s written, composed, and recorded by experienced musicians.

State Drugs kick the first side of this 7″ with a number called Mr. Untitled. Right with the introductory chord progressions and rhythmic segments, you’ll notice you’re dealing with a profoundly melodic punk rock composition heavily drenched in retro indie rock aesthetics. It may sound to some listeners like something Midwest emo bands would record during the nineties, but this song involves more garage, power pop, and folk elements. Mr. Untitled resonates with such a unique ambiance that’s difficult to explain, but it unquestionably sounds fresh, unique, and ear-appealing. Chris Kuhn’s clean chants uplift semi-distorted chord progressions on an entirely new level, while the basslines and drumming performance provide more than necessary dynamics to this song. You have to hear it to understand the intentions of the band.

Landline (J’ai Une Âme Solitaire) commences on the other side of this fine piece of plastic. ZEPHR provide similar aesthetics but with more contemporary emo, indie, pop-punk, and post-hardcore elements involved in the entire process. Their composition sounds like something you would regularly stumble upon ten or so years ago, but somehow ZEPHR refreshed this combination of genres with unique ideas and exceptional performance. You won’t even make a mistake if you call this an emo track because ZEPHR undoubtedly nurtures a love for both old-school and contemporary emo scenes. Still, everything sounds colossal, with heavier riffs and pop-punkish chants involved. I like that thick layer of studio reverb lurking above all the orchestrations. It contributes to the listening experience, so you’ll get the impression that you’re listening live band from your room.

As I mentioned, this is another brilliant split 7″ from Snappy Little Numbers. Both bands are equally good and do their thing like pros. Therefore, if you’re into genres like melodic punk rock, pop punk, emo, indie, or post-hardcore, you should give this split 7″ a listen. Head to Snappy Little Numbers for more information about ordering.

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