Kaeley Jade – Poltergeist

Kaeley Jade - Poltergeist

After a critically acclaimed single named Ego, Edmonton indie artist Kaeley Jade returns with another outstanding composition that will unquestionably end up on your playlist. Poltergeist is the second single from Turpentine, the upcoming full-length album set for release later this year. Kaeley Jade still sails the indie waters, but this time with more rock, folk, and country involved in the mix. Like any other experiment this creative musician pulled out in the past, this composition also resonates with an ear-appealing ambiance enhanced by her powerful voice. The elements derived from indie pop, indie rock, country, and folk harmoniously articulate throughout the entire number without spoiling the listening experience, but as is usually the case, there are even more surprises that meets the eye.

Kaeley Jade
Photo by Caitlin Kelly

The beforementioned combination of Jade’s confident vocal performance and the entire amalgam of complementary genres offers a soothing, nearly cathartic listening experience worth repeating dozen times. The calmy chord progressions, warm-sounding low-end tones, and moderate tempo that leads you on this marvelous sonic journey are unquestionably only the part that defines the brilliance of this song. A gentle but vividly hearable touch of country and folk music gives Poltergeist a unique ambiance, but the delicate heaviness keeps this track in the contemporary indie pop/indie rock waters. Poltergeist is undoubtfully a composition you don’t want to miss if you’re looking out for folk-infused indie music. The song is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.

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