SKIES – Deconstruction

SKIES - Deconstruction

Here’s another treat for those listeners interested in contemporary emo, indie, and pop-punk music. SKIES is a prolific Folkestone-based emo rock duo with many things to say and offer through flawlessly executed songs. Deconstruction is their recent single, released on July 1st. The band continues with what they do the best, and that’s delivering catchy compositions decorated with divine chants, melodies, harmonies, themes, chord progressions, and rhythmic maneuvers. You’ll immediately notice excellent vocal abilities that range around one octave or above. The lead singer nails this song with a powerful voice that guides you during the entire composition. Cleverly arranged chord progressions and riffs showcase how emo, indie, and pop-punk music can still sound fresh, unique, and entertaining nowadays. Each segment of the song provides many listening pleasures.

Photo by Photo KMS Photography

What I also dig about Deconstruction are vividly hearable low-end tones. You’ll vividly hear how bass guitar provides even more massiveness to an already powerful track. Nothing would sound so dynamic and energetic without an outstanding drumming performance. The number of rhythmic maneuvers, accentuations, breaks, and fills is nearly mindblowing, and that snare drum sound is unquestionably something special. SKIES thought about every detail while writing, composing, and recording Deconstruction, so there’s no way you will not like it if you’re into modern emo, indie, or pop-punk music. Give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed. Deconstruction is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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