A.N.J.A. – A-Bomb

A.N.J.A. - A-Bomb

After four outstanding singles and one extended play release, Irish punk rocker A.N.J.A. returns with a brand new song today. A-Bomb serves as a more than adequate continuation of her previous works. It also provides a glimpse of an improved sound, built upon only the best properties of punk rock music. Besides the sheer dominance of punk rock, you may hear other subgenres like post-punk, garage, and pop-punk. Still, that’s not all. Quite the contrary, A.N.J.A. also includes some other sonic elements borrowed from alternative, indie, and hard rock. These combinations always sound incredible, so that’s the case with A-Bomb as well.

Photo by Linda Romer

The song carries a vividly hearable retro ambiance built upon the sixties, seventies, and eighties sound. This ambiance gives another dimension to the composition that bursts with excellent chord progressions, riffs, basslines, and beats. Her crystal clear chants burst with confidence, power, and aggression during the entire number. A.N.J.A. perfectly balanced this song, so you will hear harmonies, melodies, and calmy chants on one side while the other bursts with heavy, abrasive, raw riffs. It’s a retro-punk rock song recorded in these modern days that you unquestionably need to hear. A-Bomb is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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