Tears Of Fire – Relics Of Ancient Love CS (Grazil Records)

Tears Of Fire - Relics Of Ancient Fire CS - Grazil Records

Let’s get back into some heavier music waters. Today, I will be talking about another release published by Grazil Records. Relics Of Ancient Love is the latest full-length album by Tears Of Fire, an international doom metal band based in Berlin, Germany. The group includes musicians from Germany, Iran, and Sweden, but that doesn’t stop them from writing, composing, recording, and releasing music since 1998. Quite the contrary, they have a couple of more recordings in their discography, but Relics Of Ancient Love is probably their best work so far. Besides their devotion to doom metal music, Tears Of Fire nurture particular thematics on their releases, so don’t be surprised if you stumble upon many compositions dedicated to Persian cultural heritage and history.

Relics Of Ancient Love carries such a unique ambiance. Besides the sheer dominance of doom metal, you may stumble upon some other complementary genres along this sonic journey. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you hear some properties of similar genres, such as death metal, black metal, and sludge. Still, the band doesn’t stop there. Tears Of Fire explore the vast musical universe by combining world, ethno, and folk music with the beforementioned, heavier music genres. I must admit these combinations work like a charm with the doomy aesthetics of this characteristic band. Tears Of Fire also nurture a specific sonic aesthetics based upon reverby, echoic, darkened, depressive ambiance that sometimes overwhelms the orchestrations. Still, don’t let that detail surprise you because that echoic ambiance is sometimes a property of doom metal music.

The band continuously glides over calmy, theatric, Ambiental moments and much heavier, depressive, half-step moments. Their music is repeatedly slow and becomes even slower with time to the point when you’ll notice desperation in their sound. It seems like Tears Of Fire aimed for this sound, so you’ll love this material if you’re in doom metal. Perhaps this material lacks a slightly better production, just to let some other instruments breathe in the mix. However, this genre comes in different shapes and sizes, so you won’t even notice that if you’re a longtime fan. Relics Of Ancient Love could sound interesting even to those listeners who’re strictly into world, ethno, and folk music because this album possesses so many excellent ethno themes. Head over to Grazil Records for more information about ordering.

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