Temper & Hold – Too Soon To Tell CD (Grafton Records)

Temper & Hold - Too Soon To Tell CD - Grafton Records

Saturday is the best time for some emo music. At least, this rainy Saturday certainly is because we have a brilliant debut album by Temper & Hold on our blog today. I recently wrote about their second full-length album, The Speed Of Travel, released on vinyl by Grafton Records. That particular vinyl record blew me away immediately, so I was curious enough to explore further in the past and listen to Too Soon To Tell, a debut CD by this excellent Portland-based band. I must say I am impressed by the packaging. Grafton Records always has some innovative packaging ideas for their CD releases, so that’s the case with this compact disc as well. At first, you will notice a couple of curved lines, but Too Soon To Tell reveals a map as you unfold the packaging. It is such a clever design that leaves a great impression.

Perhaps Too Soon To Tell dominantly resonates with emo aesthetics, but Temper & Hold are not only interested in that particular style. This band has so much to offer. These eight pieces of fine sonic artistry are more than a solid proof of it. Besides emo, Temper & Hold explores post-hardcore, indie, and rock sound a lot. The band use these ingredients as building blocks and then refine them until they reach desired sound, which in this case classifies as emo-core. You may also stumble upon some sonic and rhythmic maneuvers, which are one of the main characteristics of noise rock and post-punk, but in the end, these maneuvers somehow resonate with pure emo sound. Of course, members of Temper & Hold showcase everything through brilliant ideas, excellent musicianship, and sheer experience earned through work in their previous bands.

Each composition delivers an entirely unique listening experience, but somehow these tunes work together in harmony. Every song has a perfect structure, arrangements, accentuations, and dynamics. Of course, there are loads of arpeggiated and regular chord progressions, octaves, melodies, harmonies, basslines, and rhythmic acrobatics performed to perfection. It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite song from this particular release, mainly because every track is so damn good. Emo releases like this one are a pure rarity nowadays, and maybe Too Soon To Tell represents one of the last truly great emo albums. Of course, it stands among so many great Grafton Records releases, but I am now talking about the emo scene on a global scale. Therefore, if you love the mixture of contemporary and old-school emo sound, Too Soon To Tell will be right up your alley. I believe Too Soon To Tell is still available on compact disc, so head over to Grafton Records and order a copy.

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