Durcel Haze

Durcel Haze Have Released New Single

Durcel Haze
Photo by Alex Gretter

Durcel Haze have released a new single, Unleashed Confusion. You can check out the single/video below.

“Everyone knows the feeling of being lost. Life is an endless struggle in which we sometimes forget our goals. Whatever happens, we must move forward and find the meaning of our own existence. It frees our mind, lets do to us what we want and eventually makes us indestructible.” – Janos Suba (vocals, bass) about the new single.

We call it Psychedelic Rock, others Indie, Garage, Post Grunge or Alternative. The fact is: When a Hungarian, a German and two Austrians go into a bar, only one thing can come of it: the unmistakable rock sound of DURCEL HAZE. And even if the rabbit, as the band’s mascot, sometimes seems a bit confused, doesn’t know his real name anymore, slips into a funky Donnie Darko costume, and has forgotten what it all has to do with batteries, it still fits perfectly to that crazy night of the foundation of the band as well as to the new single. The musical influences of the late 80s, i.e. the time when the film is set, can also be found in the sound.

The album “Down The Rabbit Hole” will be released on June 24th, 2022.







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