The Great Glass Elevator: Moonraker Release New Single


So Cal punks Moonraker who jokingly call themselves “The Michael Jordan of Baseball of Punk Rock” have released a new single + lyric video for “The Great Glass Elevator” a song off their upcoming album ‘The Forest,’ out May 13 on Tiny Dragon Music / Bearded Punk Records / Bypolar Records / No Time Records.

Drummer/vocalist David Green says, “I think that the record is about overthinking. It’s a walk through your own head- your thoughts, your memories, your fears, and at the same time, it’s a walk through a forest. Maybe the further you walk in, the darker it gets, the more you start remembering, the more you start getting triggered, the more you lose track of time. Ultimately, I think it’s about trying to find a way out of that darkness and finding a way to turn the volume down on some of that overthinking.

This song, ‘The Great Glass Elevator,’ was inspired by an anxiety attack I had in the elevator of a hotel while I was delivering someone food. I don’t know if the person could tell I’d been crying in the elevator, but when they opened the door and saw me with their sandwich, they said something like, ‘Oh man, you’re my favorite person in the whole world!’ which made me feel better. But then realizing that THAT made me feel better made me feel even worse.”

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