Coma System – Blurred LP (Grazil Records)

Coma System - Blurred LP - Grazil Records

Here’s another brilliant release from the Grazil Records batch. It’s nearly mindblowing how many versatile artists and bands this prolific record label carries on its roster. You can stumble upon every possible music genre by scrolling down their pages. Just name it, they have it. Come System is unquestionably one of those unique bands that’re not so easy to define by classifying into a singular music genre. Even when you assemble the list of the genres you somehow managed to grasp while listening to their compositions, you’ll probably have to do it all over again because this is a comprehensive amalgam of complementary music genres. Without any doubt, their debut is something special.

Blurred is their debut full-length that carries eight profoundly complex compositions. By profoundly complex, I meant more about song structures, arrangements, and ideas than actual musicianship. Of course, tremendous musicianship is presented on these recordings from scratch to finish, but these ideas are the ones that stand out. Soundwise, you can call this genre however you want. Maybe it’s experimental rock, math-rock, maybe post-hardcore, noise rock, post-punk, but the most significant thing about Coma System is that they sound superb. Blurred is not suitable for everyone, and I am positively sure the musicians involved in Coma System wrote, composed, recorded, and produced this record for listeners who can listen to it with open minds and hearts. It is a dedication to all the fans of experimental rock who crave that avant-garde aspect of the beforementioned genre. Of course, these compositions welcome all the curious ears who want to experience something new, fresh, and unique.

What I adore about Blurred LP the most is the experimental aspect, but the other included elements are equally crucial in shaping the brighter imagery of this record. The way post-hardcore, post-rock, post-punk, and noise rock continuously clash for dominance is what amazes the most, but the band doesn’t stop there. Somehow they included darkened, melancholic melodies, harmonies, themes, and ambiances over the top, so Blurred seem even heavier and more complex. Each composition possesses equal servings of calm and aggressive segments. Therefore, Coma System relies upon building the atmosphere by starting with slightly calmer parts and then gradually evolving by combining eerie, weird, heavy, aggressive layers of sound. Every involved instrument plays a significant role in building soundscapes that sometimes seem pleasing or disturbing, depending on how big impression Blurred leaves on you. Therefore, this album is a must-have for fans of progressive, avant-garde, experimental rock music. Head over to Grazil Records for more information about ordering this fine piece of avant-garde artistry.

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