Square Tugs - Fat, Drunk, Stupid

Square Tugs – Fat, Drunk, Stupid

Square Tugs - Fat, Drunk, Stupid

Australian hardcore punk band Square Tugs have recently released a new single. Fat, Drunk, Stupid comes as more than an appropriate continuation of their debut, Vodka, Lime, And Soda EP. Square Tugs are not wasting any time with this one. It’s a one-minute hardcore punk banger inspired by the renowned names of the genre, such as Angry Samoans, Poison Idea, Battalion Of Saints, Adrenalin O.D., Bad Brains, and many others who combined sheer aggression with fast-paced rhythms. Fat, Drunk, Stupid contains everything you dearly love about eighties hardcore punk music, and you won’t even notice this song was released in 2022.

Square Tugs
Photo by Carolyn Hanlon

The band thought about everything while writing, composing, and recording this composition. Besides powerful shoutouts, energetic riffs, and dynamic rhythmic maneuvers, Square Tugs thought about the production, so they produced this number in the way bands have done it back in the eighties. Lyricwise, the band breaks the routine and incorporates a healthy dosage of humor, which is quite unusual on the hardcore scene nowadays, considering how many groups out there deal with topics such as politics, religion, ecology, veganism, etc. Their sense of humor comes as a bit of necessarily needed refreshment, which will hopefully become a practice among hardcore bands. You can listen to Fat, Drunk, Stupid on all streaming platforms.





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