Gauss Gun – Runaway Trolley

Gauss Gun - Runaway Trolley

London-based power-pop group Gauss Gun has recently released a new single. Runaway Trolley is their second single released after a nearly three-year break when the group released Simplicity Creek. This particular single showcases the band blooming with inspiration, while simultaneously delivering cheerful, energetic, dynamic power-pop tunes. The song also carries a much clearer sound that follows all the contemporary trends in music production. Right with the initial notes and beats, you’ll notice that Gauss Gun are experienced musicians who invest heart and soul in their tracks. Runaway Trolley serves as a perfect example of how contemporary power-pop music should sound, but the band doesn’t stop there.

Gauss Gun

Perhaps the Gauss Gun dearly love the power-pop sound and almost solely rely on the rules of the genre, but there are even more music styles involved along the way. You’ll notice the presence of alternative, indie, soft rock, and maybe some other complementary subgenres as well. Gauss Gun are aware that overwhelming their already paved musical path could spoil their sound. Therefore, the band implements the beforementioned elements to enhance the ambiance and nothing more than that. After all, you’ll notice this song doesn’t really need anything else than classic power-pop maneuvers to sound incredible. Gauss Gun knew that while working on this song, so Runaway Trolley sounds superb from scratch to finish. The single is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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