Crashed Out – Against The Odds LP (Demons Run Amok Entertainment)

Crashed Out - Against All Odds LP - Demons Run Amok Entertainment

After years spent listening to Crashed Out, I concluded that these guys don’t have a bad release. Take a look at their impressive discography, and soon you’ll realize each album, EP, or any other release, sounds superb in terms of streetpunk sound. It seems like these guys set the standard right from the start and followed the exact direction to deliver premium punk rock music to the crowd. There’s only a small percentage of the bands around who can brag with that fact. Each release comes with even more ideas invested in the writing, composing, and recording process. Therefore, each new album comes as a logical progression of a band that never ceases to surprise with some impressive moves. Just wait until you hear their upcoming full-length release. This one is an absolute banger from scratch to finish.

Against All Odds offers sixteen raging streetpunk compositions that are setting the bar high for any other band on the scene. First of all, this album possesses an outstanding sound that follows all the trends of music production. You’ll hear every shoutout, singalong, guitar shred, riff, bassline, and beat. I have to admit this is probably the best-sounding Crashed Out full-length album right now. Also, the guys put a lot of effort while recording this material, mainly because there are no hearable mistakes. Other than that, Crashed Out thoroughly planned each composition included in this recording. Each number has perfect structure, arrangements, accentuations, and other sonic delicacies that make these tunes resonate with so much aggression, power, energy, dynamics, and many other qualities.

The band also thought about the balance. Against All Odds is not another bland streetpunk album like many contemporary streetpunk releases out there. Quite the contrary, this record includes so many melodies, harmonies, solos, acoustic segments, so you’ll love Against All Odds even more if pure, modern streetpunk sound is something you usually spin on your turntable. What I adore the most about this album are anthemic choruses. Damn, they’re incredible. That doesn’t mean the verses are bad. Not at all, they’re equally good, but for some reason, these hymnic singalongs enclosed on choruses will force you to hug your friend and raise a pint of beer up in the air. There’s no slightest doubt in my mind you will love Crashed Out even more after you hear this album. Against The Odds is up for pre-order at Demons Run Amok Entertainment‘s web store, so head over for more information about it.

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