Josh Ace – Sometimes

Josh Ace - Sometimes

London, UK-based indie rock artist Josh Ace has released a new single today. Sometimes is the first composition this year that comes as a follow-up of the self-titled full-length album, released in 2020. This particular composition throws back the listener to the eighties, a golden era for indie music. Josh Ace‘s admiration towards eighties indie rock music is vividly hearable throughout the entire number. Still, “Sometimes” comes with even more hidden sonic surprises that will unquestionably indulge your listening apparatus no matter which genre you prefer. As soon as you press play, you’ll notice this song is complex, but there’s even more than meets the eye.

Josh Ace
Photo by  Jen Jones

Besides the sheer dominance of indie rock, you may also stumble upon heavy dosages of new wave, synth-rock, synth-pop, and soft rock. These elements come as additional enhancements that further improve the sound of this track. Josh Ace thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver, movement, orchestration, chord progression, melody, harmony, bassline, and beat. Everything is there for more than a good reason, and you’ll unquestionably hear all the effort Josh Ace invested while writing and composing this number. Give this song a chance. There’s no doubt in my mind you’ll love it. Sometimes is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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