Cosmopolis – Nixon-Manson

Cosmopolis - Nixon-Manson

Australian post-punk group Cosmopolis recently released a brand new single. Nixon-Manson is the fourth composition in the row from the series of singles launched back in 2020 and the first single this year. This particular composition showcases the natural progression of the group. Cosmopolis still relies upon calmy post-punk aesthetics, but this time, the group incorporated even more elements than ever before. Besides the sheer dominance of post-punk sound, you may stumble upon some other ingredients borrowed from complementary genres such as goth rock, post-rock, shoegaze, dream pop, cinematic ambient, and maybe some others along the way. These experimentations resulted in a profoundly detailed composition that offers a pure indulgence for the listening apparatus.

It’s nearly mindblowing how Cosmopolis assembled this number. You’ll be amazed how classic and cinematic ambiance works alongside the post-punk base. The remainder of the orchestrations continuously levitates between shoegaze, dream pop, and post-rock sound, especially the guitars, which build most of the beforementioned ambiance. The vocals remain calm, soothing, relaxing from scratch to finish. The band works on a cathartic sonic experience that vividly resembles the mid-eighties to early nineties post-punk scene. However, Cosmopolis includes some contemporary maneuvers into this track as well. It’s unquestionably a number that will remain on your playlist for a very long time, so head over to a streaming service on your preference and give it a spin.

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