Gillian Rae Perry – A Reminder

Gillian Rae Perry - A Reminder

Los Angeles indie artist Gillian Rae Perry has released a new single today. A Reminder comes as a proper continuation to Gilly, Lost Children, and The Velveteen Rabbit, full-lengths Gillan Rae Perry released in 2021. This particular composition serves as a reminder to herself and the listeners to be kind to themselves, loved ones, and the world. A Reminder carries a beautiful ambiance based upon ear-appealing chants, melodies, and harmonies. This time, Gillian Rae Perry aimed for a minimalist approach where her excellent singing techniques shine bright the most. Still, you may notice a vividly hearable presence of several instruments, such as piano and flute, for example.

Gillian Rae Perry

For those who look for a more specific classification of her sound, Gillan Rae Perry embraces so many music genres that are nearly impossible to count them all after one listening. Perhaps indie-pop comes first to mind, but there’s unquestionably more than meets the eye. Besides the sheer dominance of indie pop, this talented artist incorporated elements of alternative pop, folk-pop, dream pop, chillout, and cinematic ambient. The amount of genres involved doesn’t spoil the listening experience. Quite the contrary, these sonic ingredients enhance this composition even more. It’s a beautiful indie-pop number that deserves your utmost attention. A Reminder is available for listening on all streaming services.

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