Itchy & Tarakany

Itchy & Tarakany Celebrate The International Women’s Day With A 7″ Split Release Featuring Members Of The Venomous Pinks & The Baboon Show

Itchy & Tarakany
Photo by Diana Mühlberger

Only recently Itchy celebrated their 20th anniversary, now the three musicians from Eislingen an der Fils are back with a special project.
Together with the Russian punk band Tarakany! Itchy release, just in time for International Women’s Day, a musical bow to all strong women in the music business. With the song “Womanarchist” by the American all-female band Bad Cop Bad Cop, the three cover one of their absolute favorite songs. “The song is both lyrically and in terms of energy just the perfect anthem for this, unfortunately still important, day. We had mega fun recording it and besides paying homage to the original interpreters, the song is dedicated to all the women from our environment, with whom we have worked for many years,” tells singer and bassist Panzer.

In order to put the punk crown on their version, Itchy also brought in powerful vocal support in the form of Cecilia from the Swedish band The Baboon Show.

“As a woman, I demand the same respect, the same opportunities, and the same rights as my male fellow men. That applies both on and off the stage. To me, it’s a shame for all of humanity that we’re not there yet.” Cecilia clearly takes a stand.
 On the B-side of the vinyl is the Tarakany! cover version “Double Arrows Down” by The Bombpops. The band from Moscow also invited guests for their version and recorded the song together with the Americans from The Venomous Pinks.
“No matter if it’s management, promotion, artwork, musical features, merchandise, photos or live crew: our band existence would be so much duller if we didn’t work together with numerous cool women in mentioned positions, “tells singer and guitarist Sibbi. “The music industry and especially the stages out there definitely need a lot more of them!”. 
 The limited-edition 7″ will be released via SBÄM Records on white vinyl and is available for order from 08 March, while stocks last. The entire profit goes to the organization “Miraculous Love Kids“, which teaches disadvantaged children worldwide – especially girls – how to play the guitar and the English language, in order to give them hope for a self-determined life.







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