In The Meantime - Long Lost Feelings CD

In The Meantime – Long Lost Feelings CD

In The Meantime - Long Lost Feelings CD

Germany always had tons of quality punk rock bands, but it seems like even more tremendous groups emerged in recent years. New bands are popping out from nowhere and delivering some fresh ideas on the table. Thankfully, they all differ in sound, more or less, so the German scene bursts with diversity. In The Meantime is one of those newer groups, but they unquestionably differ from the remainder of the German melodic punk rock scene. Instead of playing on the safe card and going straight to technically demanding riffs and ultrafast rhythmic maneuvers, In The Meantime decided to introduce some moderate tempos, powerful chord progressions, and engaging themes. Their sound undoubtedly comes as a bit of refreshment, mainly because of the fact that the group explores both modern and old-school punk rock aesthetics, with a couple of additional surprises implemented along the way.

Long Lost Feeling is their debut recording consisting of four thoughtfully assembled melodic punk rock numbers. The group gathered in February of 2020, so they took things seriously and immediately started working on the material that will become their first extended play. In The Meantime nurtures a balanced mixture of contemporary punk rock and nineties skate punk sound. However, the group introduces some enhancements and accentuations borrowed from the genres such as indie rock, emo, screamo, and post-hardcore. These additional ingredients are serving more as decorations that are highlighting particular segments of their numbers. The group unquestionably stays true to melodic punk rock sound from the beginning to end, but their version of melodic punk rock expands as you delve deeper into these compositions.

It’s vividly hearable that In The Meantime feel comfortable in their waters. All the orchestrations are pulled with such ease, and there’s a particular ambiance circulating around that surrenders the late nineties punk rock sound. Their chord progressions, riffs, and themes resemble something that renowned groups who released their epic records on labels such as Epitaph, Fat Wreck, Nitro Records, Burning Heart would publish approximately two decades ago. Nevertheless, the progressive melodies, harmonies, song structures, and arrangements lean towards more contemporary sound, so the group reaches a fine line that will satisfy both sides. In The Meantime thought about each segment of their debut. From exceptional guitar segments and catchy melodic chants to thoughtfully assembled low-end tones and energetic drumming performance, In The Meantime contains everything you ever needed from a modern melodic punk rock group. Long Lost Feelings EP is available directly from the band, so visit their Instagram page or Bandcamp page.




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