The Nailheads Are Promoting A Brand New Album Live to See Tomorrow

The Nailheads

The Nailheads are a punk rock band from Montreal, Quebec Canada in 2008. The band was created and has been led by songwriter Ritchy Nails (lead vocals, bass, acoustic guitar), who has remained a constant presence and lead songwriter throughout the band’s first 3 full length releases. Live To See Tomorrow, is due for release on July 2nd, 2021 through Dental Records & Stand Productions, and is their 4th full length album, and first release since 2016.  

On “Live To See Tomorrow”, Nails takes the role of storyteller to new heights, as he leads the listener on a punk inspired rock and roll journey, infused with elements of soul, R&B, folk-County, and gospel music. In the beginning, the band had more of a  “garage punk” style, but The Nailheads have been consistently developing their style into a more rock and roll, folk-country, and early R&B-influenced style of punk. The band has toured extensively since their formation, having played well over 500 shows in seven countries, and continue to tour and record music.

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