We already witnessed how musicians are collaborating between each other during the pandemic but INTERCONTINEN7AL uplifts everything on an entirely another level by connecting musicians from all seven continents. INTERCONTINEN7AL features 22 musicians who collaborated using the BandLab application to deliver a full-length recording consisting of twelve profoundly detailed compositions. The best part about this debut album is that all the proceeds are going to GoFundMe COVID-19 General Relief Fund, so this project carries a meaningful message that music actually can make quite a change and help out those in need. While the comprehensive list of highly experienced musicians would be a little too much for an album review format, I will solely focus on their exceptional ideas and marvelous musicianship.

Perhaps INTERCONTINEN7AL took indie rock as a primary base of their luxurious sound, but there’s an amalgam of other ingredients involved throughout the entire album. Each musician not only contributed with outstanding ideas and musicianship but also delivered favorite styles to this project. Therefore, this material showcases endless possibilities performed on various musical instruments. Besides sheer dominance of perfectly executed indie rock, INTERCONTINEN7AL explores alternative rock, progressive rock, hard rock, folk-rock, folk, blues, but you may stumble upon some other similar genres along this beautiful sonic journey. Perhaps this material strays of the world music path, but it unquestionably carries the aesthetics of this particular genre due to the involvement of so many brilliant musicians across the globe. Still, you will notice some quite similar articulations intervening through generous servings of various accentuations and articulations.

Each composition carries thoroughly detailed performances on perfectly produced acoustic guitars. A couple of acoustic guitars are performing identical chord progressions, but you may hear how these instruments are gradually changing directions and becoming even more complex with time. Profoundly detailed percussions are following these acoustic articulations with an immensely energetic performance. However, these percussions are serving as rhythmic overtures for robust drumming sequences, which are introducing even more dynamics into these compositions. However, INTERCONTINEN7AL undoubtfully know when to calm things down a little bit, so this international orchestra continuously balances between energetic and calmy segments. Beautiful basslines are coming somewhere in the middle, between acoustic guitars and rhythmic sequences. They provide more than necessary density through loads of low-end tones.

Instruments such as violin, flute, saxophone, piano are offering various ear-appealing themes that are coming as thick layers over the abovementioned instruments. Still, all involved instruments are equally present in the mix, so you’ll hear every note performed by these skillful musicians. Mellotron and synth choir contribute with an extra layer of pleasing ambiance on particular compositions, and their appearance seems more than required. INTERCONTINEN7AL comprises seven vocalists, and each one of them sounds like a charm. From beautiful crystal clear female lead vocals to nearly hoarse male chants, INTERCONTINEN7AL offers a wide variety of interpretations that will satisfy even the pickiest listeners. The entire album resonates with such a meaningful message and pleasant melodies, so you will solely relish this full-length from scratch to finish. This self-titled debut is available on streaming services such as Spotify and Soundcloud, or you can purchase an album via iTunes and Amazon.


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