Leto - Wider CD - Rookie Records

Leto – Wider CD (Rookie Records)

Leto - Wider CD - Rookie Records

Leto is a German post-punk quartet coming from Hamburg. The group formed in 2015, but the members knew each other for decades since all of them were involved in various bands and projects. Since their formation, Leto released two full-length albums such as Vor Die Hunde and Wider, which we’ll talk about today. Wider is their latest offering to the broader auditorium, recently published on vinyl by Rookie Records, a prolific recording label from Hamburg. The material comprises ten profoundly melodic compositions that will satisfy all the admirers of thoughtfully arranged punk rock music. Expect nothing but a sheer quality demonstrated by the highly experienced musicians.

Perhaps Leto takes post-punk as a defining genre or introduction point to their detailed music, but like it’s usually the case with contemporary post-punk music, there’s more than meets the eye. The group decided to spice things up with the generous additions of some emo, screamo, indie rock, pop-punk, and hardcore elements. By that decision, Leto has decided not to limit themselves musically but also accentuate and decorate their thoroughly detailed orchestrations. I must admit these crossovers into similar or non-similar genres are doing wonders throughout the entire record. The group continuously pushes themselves to the very limits through various musical maneuvers without changing the primary direction. Still, each composition offers even more surprises and delightful moments along the way.

It’s beautiful how post-punk goes hand in hand with emo, screamo, pop-punk, and indie rock, while the elements of hardcore music are mainly hearable throughout some compelling accentuations. Leto wisely avoids echoic, melancholic, and depressive moments, repetitiously exploited by the vast sea of post-punk groups. Quite the contrary, the group relies on clean sounding or semi-distorted chord progressions, intervened by appropriate melodic themes. A perfectly leveled bass guitar gives more than enough magnitude to these guitar maneuvers by firing catchy basslines. Excellent drumming performance contributes to the dynamics through precise rhythmical acrobatics, accentuations, and binding drum fills. The German language ideally works for this type of music, and I couldn’t think of any other language that would work to the advantage of a band like this. The lead vocalist encourages the remaining instrumentations with confidant performance, while backing vocals and singalongs are wisely accentuating particular moments. Leto equally paid attention to the vocals and engaging melodies, so you’ll enjoy Wider in its entirety.

This album evolves with time, so you’ll probably notice some details after a couple of listenings. However, you will reveal loads of surprises, ear-appealing moments, and highlights included along the way, so it’s a win win situation in both cases. Wider is a brilliant post-punk amalgam fully stacked with thorough explorations into some similar and non-similar genres. This may be a genre-bending collection of songs, but it’s a outstanding piece of work by the band who demands your utmost attention. Head over to Rookie Records for detailed information about ordering this gem that will certainly shine bright in your record collection.




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