Screaming At Traffic - I Don't Like Sports LP - Little Rocket Records

Screaming At Traffic – I Don’t Like Sports LP (Little Rocket Records)

Screaming At Traffic - I Don't Like Sports LP - Little Rocket Records

Screaming At Traffic is a punk rock quartet emanating from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The group operates for quite some time, and last year they published a debut full-length record named I Don’t Like Sports on vinyl for Little Rocket Records. Previously, the band released a single Broken Teeth and a self-titled EP. Later on, the group published a Stay Home EP, which came out after I Don’t Like Sports. Screaming At Traffic consists of Jacques Richer on vocals and guitar, Duncan Murta on vocals and guitar, Paul Colman on vocals and bass, and Stefan St. Godard on drums.

Screaming At Traffic nurtures such a specific sound mainly built upon melodic punk rock aesthetics but gradually enhanced by elements of pop-punk, post-hardcore, indie, and alternative rock. These brilliant combinations resulted in a comprehensive collection that includes loads of listening pleasures. These highly polyphonous articulations of Screaming At Traffic arrive as ear-appealing melodic anthems, decorated by the profoundly sincere vocal performance. Besides appropriate leading chants, the group pays a lot of attention to backing vocals and singalongs, so this material sounds even better with more vocals involved. The lead vocals are solely relying upon subtly distorted melodic chants, which are suiting to the orchestrations provided by the remaining portion of the group.

Both vocals and the melodies complement each other during the entire recording, and Screaming At Traffic continuously plays on that card, but somehow they always manage to sound fresh. Guitars are firing a full specter of appropriate harmonizations, chord progressions, riffages, polyphonous themes, and it seems like they’re dueling between each other at particular moments. The rhythm section holds everything together in perfect harmony through catchy basslines and a generous amount of various rhythmical sequences. Screaming At Traffic grasps all the qualities of melodic punk rock, pop-punk, post-hardcore, emo, indie, alternative music and creates a slightly melancholic ambiance at some points. However, their music reflects even more through compelling articulations, so characteristic for contemporary trends in underground music.

Screaming At Traffic takes the best from both worlds and surely knows how to write, compose, and arrange a proper full-length record. I am positively sure you’ll find some of your favorites among eleven brilliant tunes. I Don’t Like Sports comes on a standard black vinyl record, so head over to the Little Rocket Records Bandcamp page and grab a copy for yourself or your loved ones.




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