GreenThumb - There Are More Things CD - Home Mort Records

GreenThumb – There Are More Things CD (Home Mort Records)

GreenThumb - There Are More Things CD - Home Mort Records

GreenThumb is a doom/sludge quartet originating from Alghero, Italy. There Are More Things is their second recording published a couple of years ago by Home Mort Records, an Italian recording label specialized in underground genres such as hardcore punk, doom, sludge, stoner rock, coldwave, and darkwave. There Are More Things carries three nearly depressive doom/sludge compositions, drenched into the heavy sound of blackened hardcore. However, the group maintains a distinctive atmosphere throughout the complete material, entirely permeated by the presence of echo, reverb, and delay effect. Still, each delivered tone is vividly hearable during this recording, and GreenThumb are offering their best performance through purposely abrasive sound.

The group travels to the depths of obscure doom metal sounds by emitting addictive dirty sounding riffages, so characteristic for stoner/sludge metal bands. The dirtiness is achieved by the generous dosages of fuzz distortion, which perfectly goes with their polyphonous articulations. Nevertheless, fuzziness doesn’t spoil all the fun, so every delivered tone is equally hearable during the material. Remarkably dense basslines are contributing to the heaviness of the group with enormously distorted low-end tones. Judging by these maneuvers, GreenThumb are trying to achieve a dark and depressive ambiance where desperation prevails. The firm drumming performance leads the group through the entire specter of moderate tempos and keeps these rock-solid orchestrations in line. The high-pitched chants are resembling the vocal maneuvers of Ozzy Osbourne. However, the lead vocalist showcases his evil side at some moments by implementing hellish screams onto the musical background.

At particular moments, There Are More Things resembles the sound of the greats, such as Black Sabbath, Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats, Corrosion Of Conformity, High On Fire, Melvins, but the obscure atmosphere keeps their music sinister and unique. There Are More Things comes on a compact disc housed in a glossy black cardboard sleeve, accompanied by a patch. Head over to Home Mort Records Bandcamp page and check out this EP among many great releases produced by this specific recording label.




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