Goddess Limax Black – BOA LP

Goddess Limax Black - BOA LP

Goddess Limax Black is an Austrian quartet that incorporates a broader specter of genres to achieve certain moods and sounds. The group comprises of Dominik Gruber on guitars, Philipp Finster on bass guitar, Peter Holtz on sax, and Jakob Eckerstorfer behind drums. This specific band goes experimental as much as possible, explores all the possibilities to the max, but still maintains density and compactness. Since their formation, Goddess Limax Black presented their sound to the broader auditorium through a debut self-titled recording in 2018, which led to another release entitled BOA that we will talk about in this article.

BOA represents a full-length album comprised of four longevous compositions. The group goes entirely experimental by incorporating the essentials of doom metal, black metal, stoner rock, drone, and jazz music. The predominant presence of doom metal paves the way for other elements, which are vividly hearable throughout the entire recording. Guitars are relying upon monolithic riffages, fully stacked with generous dosages of fuzz distortion. You may hear elements of sludge, stoner, and drone along the way, but doom metal retains as the primary base. The classic melodic black metal themes are highlighting particular moments in certain songs. These themes are surrendering different atmosphere to the songs and keeping things entertaining for a while. A completely distorted bass guitar delivers another layer of noisiness to this recording, but also entirely supports the maneuvers showcased by guitars. Both instruments are keeping the density of this recording and acting as a perfect foundation for profoundly experimental sax acrobatics.

The stable drumming performance keeps everything in line during the complete album with precise halftime rhythms. These drumming acrobatics are mainly decorated by constant splashing on the ride cymbal. Unlike the remaining portion of the instrumentations, drumming performance retains the stability of the group and avoids experimentations as much as possible. Therefore, the entire performance solely relies on slow, dark, depressive melodic structures, thoughtfully arranged segments, and massive drumming performance. Goddess Limax Black goes experimental in reasonable measurements, without being chaotic and entirely improvisational. BOA offers loads of great moments, especially if you’re fully into noisy doom metal music, but you may find this group interesting if you’re also into the drone, sludge, or stoner rock sound. BOA is available for purchase directly from a band at their Bandcamp page. Check them out!

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