Oak Meadow – Fable

Oak Meadow is an instrumental post-rock outlet operated by Brian Hennessey, a composer and producer emanating from Boston, Massachusets. As fas as I am informed, Fable is his debut full-length recording under this moniker. Previously, Oak Meadow appeared through a couple of singles and EPs, such as Afterfall, Lost//Only You, and Unfold. Fable includes eight soothing atmospheric post-rock compositions, marvelously produced to enhance the overall listening experience. The Fable takes us on a beautiful sonic voyage through a vast universe of marvelous polyphonic thematics. Brian conceptualized the entire album as an exploration through thoughtfully structured compositions.

Each composition carries perfectly arranged segments, separated by the wondrously orchestrated themes. Somehow, these harmonizations are connected all together, but the complete recording doesn’t sound monotonous by any means. Quite the contrary, these compositions are telling a delicate polyphonic story that will hold your attention throughout the entire voyage. Brian purposely excluded robust rhythmical acrobatics, and Oak Meadow solely focuses on these melodies, usually performed by acoustic and electric guitars. However, you may encounter minimalistic rhythmical maneuvers throughout and at the very end of this exceptional recording. The included rhythms are acting as minimal building segments, but they also provide a massive closure for this spectacular recording.

Cinematic synth atmospherics are another phenomenal addition to marvelous guitar works. These compelling ambient backgrounds perfectly match to arpeggiated harmonizations, sympathetic chord progressions, and other instrumentations. Perhaps this material leans more towards instrumental ambient music, but heavy influences of post-rock are equally hearable throughout the album. Besides these implementations, you may hear beautiful progressive rock, indie rock, and indie-pop moments along the way. There’s also a couple of less notable resemblances with other genres, but they’re coming as delicate accentuations over perfectly executed numbers. Brian thought about each aspect of Fable, and Oak Meadow deserves your complete attention if you’re profoundly into atmospheric post-rock music. Fable comes out on August 7th at Oak Meadow’s Bandcamp page, so make sure to check out this instrumental masterpiece.

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