Enemy Alliance – Damnation Dawning LP (Black Star Foundation)

Enemy Alliance is a brand new project between Rodrigo Alfaro and Stefan Bratt. Rodrigo is famous for his longtime engagement with prominent groups such as Satanic Surfers, Atlas Losing Grip, Intensity, Krontrovers, Ursut, Sewn Shut…plus many more, or less known groups. Stefan is currently playing bass guitar in a renowned Swedish skate punk act named No Fun At All, but he was also a creative engine in Atlas Losing Grip during their existence as the group. Enemy Alliance represents a proper continuation of these experienced musicians, previously showcased through their participation in Atlas Losing Grip. However, this project shapeshifts the familiar sound, merges their previous experiences, and includes even more technicalities demonstrated through vigorous compositions.

Damnation Dawning is a debut full-length album by Enemy Alliance. Previously, the group published a split recording with The Indecision Alarm in 2007, including Max Hudden (Atlas Losing Grip, Satanic Surfers) on guitars. The album levitates somewhere between melodic hardcore and old school skate punk sound, but the group tends to follow contemporary music trends by including some remarkable sonic maneuvers. Song structures, arrangements, dynamics, and overall musicianship goes beyond comprehension, which is quite expected by these renowned musicians. Enemy Alliance goes in between the ferocious approach of Intensity and appealing melodies of Atlas Losing Grip. However, at moments you may notice a pleasant resemblance with Propagandhi and Strike Anywhere, with characteristic Swedish skate punk twist.

Guitars burst energetic clusters through arpeggiated harmonizations, delicate technical chord progressions, and other compelling virtuosities. Both guitars provide exceptional orchestrations by supporting one another throughout the album. Enemy Alliance uses sole experience to intercept these melodies with more ferocious hardcore punk riffages, energetic enough to tear listening apparatus apart. The equally hearable basslines are coming somewhere in between guitars and maniacally fast drumming performance. Low-end tones are saturating the overall ambiance and providing solid foundations for the beforementioned guitar shreds. The energetic rhythm section supports the remaining instrumentations through nimble rhythmical acrobatics, thoughtfully arranged drum fills, and holds together every single piece of a puzzle. Rodrigo delivers his best performance over these compositions, and his voice sounds confidant as usual.

Damnation Dawning evocates some good old days when melodic music sounded threatening and furious, but the Enemy Alliance also surrenders the emotional side in particular moments, throughout the album. This group binds together the best of both worlds, and Damnation Dawning will accommodate the admirers of both melodic hardcore and skate punk sound. This recording appears on vinyl and compact disc thanks to Black Star Foundation, so check out their Bandcamp page and indulge yourself with some supremely executed melodic music.

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