Every Scar Has A Story – S/T 10″ EP (Equal Vision)

Every Scar Has A Story - S/T 10" EP

Every Scar Has A Story is a brand new post-hardcore outlet comprised of renowned musicians who shaped the hardcore punk scene for a couple of decades. The duo consists of Robert Fish, mainly known as a lead vocalist for 108, The Judas Factor and Ressurection, and Tom Schlatter, guitarist for You & I and Hundreds of AU. These two skillful musicians met each other nine years ago while sharing the stage together, so a collaborative project was imminent. These creative individuals took advantage of the quarantine during the pandemic to write, compose, record, and mix the EP in a matter of a couple of weeks. The result is showcased through three compelling post-hardcore compositions that vividly illustrate their previous works, but also demonstrates unquestionable progress.

Every Scar Has A Story commences with an emotive title number, bursting with raging dynamics and technically demanding melodic progressions. This melodics showcase the post-hardcore direction this duo heads to, but also includes additional streams that resemble some post-punk, emo, indie, math-core, and classic hardcore punk maneuvers. This particular composition carries loads of pleasant surprises, but it’s also challenging to be defined under a singular branch. Besides undoubtful dominance demonstrated through progressive instrumentations, Rob’s recognizable vocal abilities energize mentioned orchestrations with compelling shoutouts. The song clearly strikes with aggressiveness while the deeply emotive lyrics are examining the actions made in the past. The duo proceeds with Move On, the composition that challenges our true selves versus the personas we’re striving to be. It encourages the listeners to create another step further towards self-improvement through another compelling melodic composition. The number initiates with distorted basslines and proceeds to profoundly melodic harmonizations full of pleasantly sharp tones. Every Scar Has A Story remains deeply melodic, but the excellent drumming appears to be more dynamic than on a previous composition. Unlike the title track, Move On retains within the post-hardcore framework, complexive and fierce from scratch to finish. The EP comes to an end with Price Of Admission, the composition that irresistible resembles eighties post-punk era, empowered by math post-hardcore drumming acrobatics. Guitars burst with arpeggiated harmonizations that are fighting for dominance against subtly distorted basslines. Guitars are drenched into delightful chorus effect, delicate enough not to spoil the atmosphere. This particular composition talks about the unwillingness of the nation to help those in need. It’s a number about turning back on vulnerable ones who are expecting help but get nothing in return.

Every Scar Has A Story dives deep into the characteristics of mankind. The duo battles some inner demons, questions actions done in the past, and examines contemporary situations. The themes are covered through highly intelligent lyrics and marvelous music, both provided by immensely talented individuals who possess all the tools of the trade to record exceptional post-hardcore material. This EP will leave you speechless by any means, mainly because of the sincerity housed somewhere deep inside these astounding compositions. The record comes in various bundles, so make sure to check the Equal Vision Records web store for more detailed info.

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