Out In Style – Letters Never Sent

Out In Style - Letter Never Sent

What started as a one time project, suddenly became a band when the members of Out In Style noticed a high percentage of downloads over their Bandcamp page. After a couple of recording sessions, the group got an invitation to open a South American tour for Antillectual, and Satanic Surfers. Despite operating on a huge distance, Out In Style carries a decent amount of releases such as Coffee, Beer, And A Movie, At The Sanatorium, and Broken Dreams. Considering circumstances surrounding them since formation, it seems that the group possesses all the tools of the trade to succeed on the melodic punk rock scene.

Letters Never Sent is their latest offering to the broader audiences, comprised of fourteen compelling numbers. As on the previous recordings, Out In Style solely relies on straightforward melodic punk rock that entirely pairs to the contemporary trends on the scene. However, the band includes some following influences that, combined with skatepunk aesthetics, provide richer and broader sound. There’s a subtle pop-punk edge added, alongside with some emo accentuations, but the group also surrenders sometimes dominant melodic hardcore side. One thing is for sure, Out In Style combines all these additions to highlight or empower particular segments of their songs. Dueling guitars liberate thoughtfully arranged themes on one and energetic shreds on the other side. Thematics include various arpeggiated melodies, octaves, delicate scales, and other wonderments that appear as a perfect contrast to chord progressions. Matching basslines provide massive support to these dualities, but also fulfill the gaps between specified virtuosities, and exceptional drumming performance. The lead vocals lean towards classic pop-punk chanting technics and perfectly suits the musical background. Vocals also surrender high dosages of subtle emotiveness, delicate and dominant enough to be notified during the audio consumption. The comprehensive collection of brilliant ideas invested on the album goes beyond reasoning. Out In Style spent quite an amount of time working on these songs, and Letters Never Sent will be interesting to pop-punk fans who enjoy faster numbers.

Letters Never Sent stacks loads of marvelous melodies, appealing song structures, poetic lyricism, and remarkable musicianship. There’s no doubt, Out In Style is becoming fully aware of their musical capabilities because the evolutive process is hearable on each composition. The album is currently available on their Bandcamp page for a tenner, so give it a spin and support the work of this exceptional group.

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