Dark Days – From Dusk To Dawn 12″ EP (Voice Of The Unheard Records)

Voice Of The Unheard has been pretty much active in a while by pressing some remarkable records that mainly carry the post-rock, indie, emo, screamo, and post-hardcore aesthetics. To be precise, the label operates since 2013, but the last couple of years have been very productive for this notable recording label. From Dusk To Dawn by Dark Days are one of their latest releases that encompasses all these specific genres altogether. Dark Days is a very creative quartet originating from Bordeaux, France. The group has released a demo recording and End High EP since their formation in 2015, so From Dusk To Dawn is their first physical release. This marvelous piece of plastic comprises of four thoughtfully arranged compositions that carry loads of wondrous moments. Dark Days lean towards a distinctive post-rock sound perpetuated with detailed indie/emo accentuations, and these pairings have nicely molded into a unified symphony. From Dusk To Dawn commences with Landscape, compelling opening composition empowered by remarkable basslines. Calmy arpeggiated guitars follow up these basslines, and altogether transit into more delicate post-rock orchestrations. Subtly aggressive shouts lead us through the entire song and provide pleasing tension that liberates charming contrast to the specific melodies. The track gradually becomes even more detailed through cleverly composed segments. Dark Days include atmospheric black metal sequences, half-step post-hardcore maneuvers, and loads of other delicacies. The group continues their musical endeavors with Black Clothes Blues, another brilliant number that strongly resemble some contemporary trends presented within emo, and neo-crust scene. The band continues with atmospheric chord progressions, decorated with occasional math-rock technicalities. This particular compositions accommodates the aesthetics of the previous song and provides an ambiance Dark Days intend to achieve. Le Silence De La Foule is coming up next. The number emerges with subtle chorus-driven guitar melodies, accommodated by dub rhythms and basslines. The composition gradually builds up to technical atmospheric indie tune, which has been decorated by another serving of chaotic melancholic black metal acrobatics. Birds Still Singing indicates imminent closure with some bright harmonizations. This number illustrates a much happier ambiance through these melodies, which lean towards some post-rock standards. The overture suddenly transitions into a beautiful indie rock song that continues in the same vibe, and at the same pace. The compelling chants decorate the entire composition, but this time some beautiful female vocals and singalongs have been included in the blend. From Dusk To Dawn illustrated a broad array of different moods that unquestionably shape the sound of Dark Days. Perhaps their name indicates obvious negativity, but the group offers marvelous soundscapes that demonstrate their immense musical abilities. From Dusk To Dawn comes on vinyl and digitally through multiple streaming services, so treat yourself with some thoughtfully arranged soundscapes, housed in an eye-appealing record sleeve.

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