Despairer – Unburdened CS EP (Amerikan Aesthetics Records)

Amerikan Aesthetics carries loads of brilliant acts on their roster. Groups like Acid Teeth, Hurt Will Find You, Oddysian, Pisswand are just a small portion of their catalog, and recently I wrote an article about the City Of Industry. The label operates as the catalyst for the Seattle underground DIY scene, and it does a proper work by promoting these tremendous acts. Unburdened EP by Despairer is one of the latest additions to their catalog. The band is active since 2018, and this is their second tape release. Previously they’ve published Snakes In The Daylight, also on Amerikan Aesthetics. Despairer heavily exploits recognizable sound showcased by renowned bands such as Motorhead, Venom, and Disfear in the past. However, Despairer includes generous dosages of d-beat acrobatics, growl vocals, and mandatory hardcore punk riffages. Despite embracing all these elements simultaneously, the group sounds compact throughout the recording, and keep things entertaining. Right with the starting beats of Slave Of The Mind, Despairer promotes ferocious d-beat maneuvers highlighted by compelling four-chord progressions. Growly vocals empower these instrumentations with even more heaviness. Such a great opening tune that also carries a subtle dose of rock’n’roll vibe. Remote Mind Control continues at the same pace, but it leans towards Swedish sound with notable neo-crust harmonizations. This compelling tune retains loads of great highlights such as additional screaming vocals, mentioned harmonizations, and hearable distorted basslines that are accomodating marvelous shreddings. Despairer has decided to slow down a little bit with Unburdened By A Soul, but only during the interesting hacked overture. All of a sudden, Despairer returns to vigorous tempos and proceeds to more neo-crust virtuosities. To be more precise, Unburdened By A Soul floats somewhere between neo-crust, and darkened hardcore sound, and it contains delicate melodic death metal lick incorporated just as minimal detail. Guitars are firing another portion of compelling solos that perfectly fit the presented atmosphere. Despairer closes this recording with Work Til’ Death. This particular composition commences with a marching intro followed by an epic guitar theme. Then the group transits into the black metal progression saturated by another portion of d-beat rhythms. Work Til’ Death irresistibly reminds me of something Disfear would eventually record. This track is, by all means, one of the greatest songs I’ve heard within this genre. Despairer undoubtfully nailed with Unburdened EP, and Amerikan Aesthetics once again proved they’re distributing only top quality music through their channels. Check out their website or Despairer Bandcamp page for more detailed info about ordering.

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