Raincheck – Last Call 12″ (Various Labels)

Raincheck - last Call 12"

Whoa! I must confess Raincheck was right up my alley as soon as I pressed the play button. This French melodic hardcore quartet has been active for a while, delivering nothing but a top-notch music right to the table. The band previously released True Love EP, co-released between dozen of great recording labels, so the Last Call is their second offering for the broader audience. Despite being oriented towards melodic hardcore, Raincheck unquestionably reflects more than simplified one genre through their music. Sure, melodic hardcore is probably the most dominant one, but the group also includes some skate punk and indie along the way. The Last Call commences with Rational Choice Theory, a compelling opening composition that provides all the vital elements of contemporary melodic hardcore sound. The song includes loads of entertaining major oriented guitar shreds, arpeggiated licks, and furious dynamics showcased through the compact melodic structure. Raincheck speeds up with Cleaned Out, velocious tune with a strong resemblance with the cheerful nineties skate punk songs. Vigorous four-chord progressions pervade the high-pitched shoutouts that are matching to the rest of the presented instrumentations. The group continues at the same pace by including Foolish, another banger on the bill. The song structure resembles the previous composition, but this particular song contains loads of rhythmical interchanges, chopped with energetic drum fills. The riffages on Foolish are thoughtfully combined to accommodate these acrobatics. The complete number bursts with tremendous energy from start to finish. Of Anger comes up next, and it seems that Raincheck doesn’t intend to slow down for a bit. Cheerfulness overwhelms the complete atmosphere, thanks to another dosage of marvelous riffages. The lead vocals contain a subtle dosage of relentless aggression that perfectly matches to the melodies, drenched into chunky sounding basslines. These guys are keeping things in some distinctive manner, and their music cannot fall under one branch. Hardcore punk, skate punk, pop-punk, indie, you name it, they have it! Infused Confused classifies as a typical pop-punk number, but the lead vocal approaches with the same dosage of aggression and keeps things somewhere in between. It provides a well-deserved break from velocious numbers stacked one after another. It also surrenders loads of delightful melodies and leaves an entirely new outlook on Raincheck’s music. The group has decided to close this wondrous material with Sick Sad World, an appropriate composition that includes all the mentioned genres altogether. Raincheck bursts with tremendous dynamics on this particular number. The guitar shreds are sounding tight, but also cleverly paired with arpeggiated harmonies fired by the second guitar. The drumming performance multiplies the amount of surrendered energy through thoughtfully arranged rhythmical maneuvers. This particular number gives such a perfect closure to the Last Call, that appears mindblowing from beginning to the very end. The Last Call comes on standard white vinyl thanks to loads of labels who participate in publishing, such as Inhumano, Bad Wolf Records, KROD Records, Joe Cool Records, K-nardage Asso, Out Of Thunes, and Histrion.

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