Cool Parents - Who Cares?

Cool Parents – Who Cares? CS (Dubaine Industries)

It’s been a while since we covered a pop-punk band on our pages, so now is more than an appropriate time to do so. Cool Parents are a pop-punk group from Dover, New Hampshire that also serves as an occasional podcast. The band published a couple of recordings since its formation, such as a debut single Spooky House, following singles Dean’s Dream and Ughnauthty, a debut full-length Ghaghi Ugnot Teenage Romance, and Shadow Boys From Heck EP. Therefore, Who Cares represents their latest full-length offering to the broader audience. Dark blue cassette tape unveils a comprehensive pop-punk collection comprised of sixteen catchy numbers suitable to satisfy even the pickiest Ramonescore fan. The cassette version doesn’t include any lyric sheet, but right with the first beats, you’ll notice a dominant presence of goofiness that gradually penetrates the atmosphere. Besides the strong resemblance with renowned groups like The Lillingtons, Screeching Weasel, Nerf Herder, Weezer, Blink 182, Misfits, and Ramones, Cool Parents also introduce heavy dosages of twisty rock’n’roll. This recording serves as a perfect danceable punk rock soundtrack for those who’re looking out for more powerpop leaning, rock’n’roll vibey ear-pleasing punk rock. Still, Cool Parents are not limited to the exact direction. Quite the contrary, each composition remits an entirely new ambiance, mainly because of the mindblowing amount of ideas these musicians have invested in Who Cares. Guitar shreds are sticking within some classic four-chord shreddings, layered by pleasing powerpop themes performed through simplified guitar scales. However, these themes are sometimes replaced by pop synths or piano. These switches sound incredible from start to finish, and the Cool Parents appear even more energized. The advantages of contemporary production trends have uplifted marvelous basslines upfront, so each instrument is hearable through the mix. The furiously dynamic rhythm section stikes somewhere in the background with some classic drumming technics, but they flawlessly match the displayed riffages with all its precision. Cool Parents undoubtfully go beyond rudimentary Ramonescore aesthetics, mainly because of all the additions layered onto conventional orchestrations of the genre. Who Cares comes with an engaging illustration of a punk rock girl carrying a boombox on the shoulder. The album has been published in the spirit of DIY on black vinyl and cassette. Pick up your weapon of choice and grab it directly from a band.



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