ṘO – Athalase LP

ṘO is a very productive post-rock quintet emanating from Azkoitia, Spain. The group has recorded several recordings promoted over streaming services such as Ilhunbean Esan Eginak EP, Aikor EP, and Tenk! EP. Therefore, Athalase is their debut full-length recording comprised of five diverse compositions. Besides their origins, there’s no additional info about the actual band, but perhaps ṘO intends to bequeath the music to articulate instead of themselves. Athalase commences with Jaitera, incredible composition enhanced by appealing arpeggiated harmonizations. These harmonizations serve as a perfect introduction to the initial sound of the band. Pleasant atmospheric background fulfills the ambiance with smooth tones somewhere beneath these arpeggiated guitars. ṘO gradually builds up the atmosphere, and soothing guitar leads are prevailing somewhere near the imminent closure. Jateira slowly transitions into Anima, a durable echoic number empowered by dueling guitar arpeggios. This particular composition possesses a cinematic vibe that endures throughout each segment. Fuzzy guitar thematics are slowly invading the atmosphere with the subtle fade-in effect that suddenly becomes compelling post-rock amalgam. Besides all specified elements, ṘO includes dozen of tapping technics over the pounding rhythm section. Remarkable drumming performance makes twists and turns throughout the entire composition, and these maneuvers play a principal role. Anima fades out with a beautiful repetitious theme that closes this exceptional track. Athelas comes up next with a pleasant Arabic guitar leads, and following percussions. ṘO keeps up with the proven formula built upon compound arpeggios layered with gracious dosages of studio reverb. All of a sudden, the complete group bursts with enormous energetic slabs of appropriate sonic weaponry. Overly distorted guitars are firing various dualities polarized between compelling guitar shreddings and echoic leads. Notable warm sounding basslines are punching somewhere in between with low-end notes. The drumming acrobatics are completely mindblowing, and the drummer entirely demonstrates his abilities on Athelas. ṘO has decided to finish up this composition with hectic complexities showcased through the intensifying musicianship of the entire band. The album continues with Erio, a number with an incredible cinematic synth introduction performed as a homage to the eighties sci-fi ambient music. A powerful drum fills performed over the toms disturb the ambiance and transits into another post-rock odyssey. ṘO progresses with every provided track, and Erio is not an exception either. However, Erio grasps both aesthetics of post-rock, post-metal, and subtle dosages of neo-crust melodies pervaded with neoclassical solos. Therefore, Erio goes a step further with improved aesthetics and outstands all the previous tunes at this remarkable album. ṘO has decided to close the Athalase with Aierkünte, a comprehensive collection of synth atmospherics that conquers a broader portion of the song. Still, the band leaves enough room to include some impressive post-rock moves at the imminent closure. These skillful musicians incorporated all the vital elements of the genre in a remaining two minutes of Aierkünte, and have finished this masterpiece of an album in style. Athalase is an exceptional debut that will suit admirers of atmospheric post-rock music, but also those who’re looking for marvelous instrumental amalgam performed by experienced musicians. Athalase comes on beautiful vinyl, digipack compact disc, and it can be purchased directly from the band at their Bandcamp page.

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