Notches - New Kinda Love LP

Notches – New Kinda Love LP (Dead Broke Rekerds / Salinas Records)

Notches are emo indie trio originating from Dover, New Hampshire. The band has released an impressive quantity of records since its establishment in 2013, such as demo recordings called Normal, Huge 7”, High Speed Crimes LP, Change My Mind 7”, a single named No Wonder Why, and Almost Ruined Everything LP. New Kinda Love is their latest offering to the broader audience comprised of ten excellent emo compositions. However, Notches are not reserved for an emo genre because their music envelops dozen of wonderments implemented throughout the entire album. Besides dominant emotiveness showcased through appealing vocal abilities and melancholic harmonizations, Notches include some indie aesthetics as well. These indie elements retain empowered by the energized pop-punk sound that sometimes lurks around these compelling tunes. Whoever took a closer glimpse behind the aesthetics of these genres, certainly knows how they oblige together. Notches have endowed perfect measurements and combined these three ingredients altogether, resulting in a highly emotive amalgam. Guitar provides arpeggiated melodies, saturated by occasional harmonizations, and appropriate shreds. These guitar maneuvers are thoughtfully combined according to shouty chants, which are gradually becoming calmer under presented instrumentations. Slightly distorted basslines support these orchestrations with massive low-end tones that are sometimes dueling with guitar harmonics. Nothing would sound so perfect without precise drumming performance, responsible for the vast majority of dynamics inside the band. Notches are not afraid to express their feelings through appropriate articulations, and New Kinda Love showcases a shift forward in their career. Their music heavily resembles the sound of Jawbreaker, Sunny Day Real Estate, American Football, Citizen, but Notches leave some room for signature moves. Not to mention the addition of some accentuations currently popular on a contemporary emo/indie scene. The trio combines all these ingredients to improve the previously developed sound, which goes beyond comprehension at particular compositions. New Kinda Love is probably one of the best records within the genre in 2020, considering what these experienced musicians managed to achieve with their music. The album comes on vinyl, compact disc, and cassette thanks to Dead Broke Rekerds and Salinas Records, so don’t miss the chance to enhance your vinyl collection with this masterpiece.



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