Deserta - Black Aura My Sun

Deserta – Black Aura My Sun LP (Felte Records)

There’s something about this record that instantly caught my attention. Maybe it’s because of the universal calmness, sacral vibes, the spirit of eighties music, or gracious servings of acid beats, who knows? One thing is for sure, Deserta serves all the abovementioned elements with steel confidence. To be honest right from the start, this is my first encounter with Deserta, and there are no adequate words to express how I felt when I heard it’s music for the first time. Black Aura My Trail is what I firmly believe, Deserta’s debut full-length record. It includes seven compelling compositions such as Save Me, Paradiso, Monica, Hide, Be So Blue, I’ll Be Gone, and Black Aura. Perhaps shoegaze prevails comparing to the other influences, but there’s a strong resemblance with eighties atmospheric electronic music. This pleasant ambiance draws from the high involvement of vaporwave sound, mainly showcased through various accents. Deserta used arpeggiated synths over soothing atmospheres to enhance the divine feel that pervades the entire recording. Guitars are firing cinematic soundscapes comprised of delicate harmonizations. These defined orchestrations burst with dominant echoic effect characteristic for shoegaze music. The presence of reverb accentuations is hearable throughout the entire album, but the guitars dominate among the rest. Deserta doesn’t stop there, so besides contemporary shoegaze trends, you may hear elements of dream pop or post-punk. There’s a gracious serving of melancholy hidden beneath these thoughtfully arranged melodies that enlightens the overall listening experience. These melancholic vibes are marvelously pairing to the delightful soundscapes, and enhancing electro keys. Electro beats are shaping the rhythm through various synthesis, but somehow Black Aura My Trail maintains organic till the end. Each composition contains magnificent arrangements followed by exceptional production. If you ever wondered how a perfect science-fiction soundtrack would sound alike, Black Aura My Trail is more than an adequate answer. The record sounds soothing, relaxing, marvelous from beginning to the very end. Black Aura My Trail comes on a half-mint green / half seafoam variant, standard black vinyl, jewel case compact disc, and through all streaming services, thanks to Felte Records.


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