Savak – Rotting Teeth In The Horse’s Mouth LP (Geenger Records / Ernest Jenning Record Co.)


Savak is a result of productivity, creativity, stubbornness, and great musicianship. Whoever had a chance to experience their music, remained speechless, amazed, and enlightened with another magnificent euphonious endeavor. These accomplished musicians went through thick and thin of the underground punk rock scene. Savak is living proof of how things should be done when you possess unsullied love for punk rock on one side and loads of experience on the other. Rotting Teeth In The Horse’s Mouth is their fourth full-length album that left me amazed for a while, but then again, I love to return to the crime scene and enjoy these outstanding tunes all over again. Their intention to produce another quality record that reminiscent the eighties post-punk era but implement contemporary production standards, make this brilliant album even more applicable to the newer admirers of this particular sound. However, this material will definitely relight the flame for the genre in those slightly older diehard fans. Besides some classic experimentations within this remarkable genre, Savak explores progressive harmonics characteristic for DC hardcore punk scene, especially notable among bands signed to Dischord Records. These beautiful melodies are accommodating the post-punk aesthetics, and the guitar sequences are perfectly swamped to the sonic concept of the entire group. Both guitars are delivering immensely addictive harmonizations, which have been saturated with notable tones of a bass guitar. The astonishing basslines are hearable throughout the complete recording, and they’re playing one of the most significant roles in the band. These low-end tones are contributing subtle but striking layers that retain compactness among guitars. Drumming segments are doing unquestionably incredible work with all intensity, dynamics, and stalwartness. Snare drum precisely cuts the aforementioned orchestrations with a rich pondering sound. These rhythmical segments are cleverly arranged to accommodate certain polyphonic moods, energize distinctive moments, or simply increase the dynamics. Vocals are performed in such a recognizable manner, so characteristic for this profoundly experienced musicians. Rotting Teeth In The Horse’s Mouth showcases the upgraded sound of Savak, who is getting better with age, like a fine wine. Their comprehensive collection of influences picked up from the post-punk, punk rock, hardcore punk, new wave, surf rock, and indie scene are definitely hearable throughout this recording. These sonic clashes undoubtfully mean more entertainment, more sonic endeavors, and countless hours spent on listening to this extraordinary record. Rotting Teeth In The Horse’s Mouth has been published on a gorgeous white vinyl record, but the visual identity of this masterpiece is what actually caught my attention in the first place. Besides transcendent music, this album has been conducted by contemporary art comprised of artistic brush movements. The other side of the cover unveils the entire city done in exactly the same technic. Speaking of visuals, this is one of my personal favorites this year. The inlay cover showcases simplistic but complementary addition composed of the lyric sheet, album credits, and all the important information about the band. Rotting Teeth In The Horse’s Mouth has been published in a collaboration between Geenger Records from Croatia and Ernest Jenning Record Co. from the USA. Don’t miss this record if you’re a diehard fan of perfectly executed post-punk musicianship.

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