Drain – California Cursed LP (Revelation Records)


Santa Cruz heavyweights Drain are delivering another masterpiece through a ferocious brand new record called California Cursed. This straight edge band has been formed in 2014 and never ceased to amaze those who are looking out for a more than simplified hardcore music. The group has produced some incredible recordings so far, and their current discography consists of a demo recording published in 2015, Swan Songs demo that serves as another demo recording, Over Thinking EP produced in 2016, Time Enough At Last EP that has been distributed on a cassette by Wide Eyed Noise in 2017 and Promo recording that has been released in 2018. Before the initial release of California Cursed, Drain has announced this magnificent record with two singles entitled Sick One and Hyper Vigilance. With that being said, let’s move on to the actual record. California Cursed provides a healthy dose of crossover hardcore savagery packed in ten cleverly arranged compositions. The record commences with meaningful oceanside sounds that are appearing like calm before the storm. These guys sound threatening for a listening apparatus right with the first beats of the record. Drain solely focuses on catchy thrash metal shreddings, powerful guitar scales, massive hardcore beatdowns, but there’s even more than meets the eye. These ridiculously powerful guitar maneuvers have been pervaded by the late eighties vibe, so California Cursed appears more like an exalted crossover record. Still, these guitar sequences have been enhanced by contemporary production trends that undoubtfully highlight musicianship of the group. The amount of ideas spent on this record is even more surprising, and the vast majority of these ingredients are on point in my book. I really dig how bass guitar stands out and pairs to both guitar channels. Basslines are definitely of great importance for the vitality of the bands like Drain, and that’s what bass guitar deals with throughout California Cursed. These low-end orchestrations are fulfilling the gaps between guitars, and excellent drumming performances with dominant slightly distorted sound. Drummer sounds like a beast throughout the entire record. His performance holds this band altogether with a wide array of precisely executed drumbeats, which has been accompanied by vigorous fills. Vocals have been inspired by a dozen singing technics, and they certainly come as another enhancing layer levitating above perfectly executed instrumentations. California Cursed undoubtfully possesses loads of highlights that will surprise, amaze, and lift your overall listening experience on a whole new level. This incredible hardcore record has been released by Revelation Records. Check out their website or social media for more info about pressings and digital content.

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