Everfresh – Forever


Everfresh was pretty much active on the Swedish melodic punk rock scene during the nineties. The band never received enough credits for being one of the leading pop-punk bands on the underground scene, but they certainly left their mark on those who were truly deep into the roots of the genre. The band was formed in Linköping during 1992, under the name Surfcaster Beach. The sound evolved with themselves, so they’ve decided to change their name to Everfresh in 1995. Two years later, the band has published a self-titled album, but they’ve decided to call it quits. Two decades later, Everfresh got back together with the sole purpose to continue their sonic endeavors. These new beginnings have resulted in Forever, a brand new full-length album comprised of thirteen promising pop-punk compositions. Forever is accompanied by a simplistic cover artwork consisting of a retro VHS covering folder. This particular detail is definitely unavoidable if you grew up during the eighties and nineties era, so besides music, this album will be such a visual treat to older consumers of Everfresh’s music. Besides highly addictive mid-tempo pop-punk compositions that certainly loom to become potential radio hits, Everfresh doesn’t hesitate to speed up some numbers to achieve more dynamics throughout the album. The vast majority of songs are providing technically precise melodic structures reasonably performed by both guitars. Lead guitar supplies magnificent harmonic structures, while the rhythm guitar gives a sense of compactness alongside with interesting chunky sounding basslines. Drumming segments are holding this pop-punk machinery altogether with thoughtful combinations of various drumbeats that have been pervaded by remarkable fills. Everfresh has been sonically supported by completely melodic dual chants. Both frontmen are doing incredible work. The song arrangements sound like Forever has been recorded at the very beginnings of the millennium, but contemporary production reveals more than meets the eye. The sonic structures invested in this material reveal charming love songs dedicated to those who are deeply into this distinctive genre. Everfresh still got it after more than two decades of stagnation, and I am positively sure you’ll solely enjoy this material. Forever is currently available at all streaming services. Support their comeback by purchasing this incredible album.

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