Rijeka – Demo 2020


Rijeka is a relatively new post-hardcore/emo/screamo/crust group commencing from Touton, France. This group has started as a project operated by Clément Jeunet, a very creative individual who previously performed in dozen of bands such as Bökanövsky, Child Meadow, and Grand Detour. His sonic endeavors have always been driven by some sort of nostalgia for the French emo/screamo scene of the late nineties, so Rijeka properly continues at the same pace. This particular project grew into a full-time band with the arrival of a new drummer, so Rijeka has decided to treat fans of this distinctive genre with a debut demo recording. These demo recordings are comprised of six composite compositions entirely inspired by the Europian emo/screamo scene, which has been heavily popular since the late nineties. Besides the basics of melancholic emo progressions, highly emotive vocal insertions, exalted drumming performance, Rijeka even more experimentations that lead us through a wide array of post-hardcore shreddings, neo-crust melodies, and mindful harmonics. The band explores all the chaotic aspects of these elements by preserving vitality through sensational guitar musicianship, while the subtly distorted basslines and gracious drumming retain as the main source of powerful dynamics. These remarkable multidisciplinary combinations are resulting in predominantly emotive moments that are quite notable through the entire material, but the band still continues to surprise with even more hidden gems. Vocals are dueling throughout the complete record with similar screaming chants that are adding even more massiveness to the delightful orchestrations of this magnificent trio. The majority of incorporated drumming segments are another pleasant surprise that certainly marks as a pleasant surprise in my book. This demo recordings are living proof of how the group operates in pure harmony and demonstrates ultimate power through six thoughtfully arranged compositions. This magnificent demo recording is available in all its glory at the Rijeka Bandcamp page. Make sure to support their marvelous work.

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