Found Items – All Bets Are Off


Found Items are pop-punk quintet coming from Budapest, Hungary. The band has been founded in 2007 and has published two full-length albums. They’re currently working on a more recent material for a new recording. All Bets Are Off is their second recording that delivers ten perfectly arranged pop-punk anthems. The band solely relies on a melodic approach to the pop-punk sound, which has been popular at the very beginnings of millennia. To be fair, there’s no surprise since Found Items stated some prominent acts such as Blink 182, Box Car Racer, Green Day, Sum 41, New Found Glory…as their main source of inspiration. However, there are a lot more influences than meets the eye, so you will definitely notice some throwbacks to the nineties punk rock music in vein with acts such as Pennywise, Osker, Samiam, Seaweed, Millencolin…plus many many more picked up along the way. These influences are mainly hearable through wondrous guitar harmonizations and powerful four-chord progressions, which are precisely paired into perfect melodic pop-punk euphonic. These technics are not quite innovative, but Found Items use all the tools of the trade to make it work on an entirely new level. Phenomenal guitar works have been accompanied by a vigorous rhythm section. Very precise basslines are providing massiveness to the overall listening experience, but they also fulfill low-end gaps between excellent drumming performances and guitar works. The entire record sounds so compact, and all the credits for an astonishing production go to the band who efficiently produced this marvelous pop-punk collection in the spirit of DIY ethics. Found Items has captured the essence of pop-punk music by encompassing all the vital elements of the genre, but All Bets Are Off provides more than simplistic sonic maneuvers. This recording delivers a modern take on music that has been dominantly popular at the beginning of the millennium, and still cheers its loyal fans around the globe. Found Items defend pop-punk with some ridiculously rad moves, and you can solely enjoy in this masterpiece for free at their Bandcamp page.

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