Hightime – Thrive 7” (Pee Records)


Hightime is an amazing mashup of various genres coming from Adelaide, Australia. Thrive is their brand new 7” record that has been announced on the social media a while ago. By mashup, I mean tons of well-incorporated influences ranging from highly addictive fundamentals of melodic skate punk and jazz to perfectly arranged elements of reggae and noise rock music. The band explores a vast sea of distinctive genres intending to entirely improve their perspective on a melodic punk rock sound. Just attach some powerful female vocals over the top, and you get yourself a euphonious material comprised of five thoughtfully arranged compositions. This incredible 7” commences with Hanumanhali, incredible opening composition heavily influenced by Arabic ethno music and loads of noise rock experimentations. Hanumanhali serves as a perfect introduction into diverse music of Hightime since the entire track provides loads of skillfully performed instrumentations. Quit Ya Job is a second composition that explores genres ska rhythms, surf rock guitar scales, and noise rock progressions. This mindblowing tune bursts with incredibly performed vocals sections, great musicianship of the complete group, and loads of relentless dynamics. Surf rock solo really enhances the overall listening experience that uplifts this particular composition on an entirely new level. Hightime continues their sonic endeavors with Exist, third track on this 7” record. Exist delivers that aforementioned skate punk side of the band, which has been saturated with amazing hardcore punk riffs and vigorous tempos. Hightime certainly nails down with this number, which much likely separates this material in half with its energy. Say What You Mean brings another calmy tune heavily inspired by reggae, dub, and ska music. It seems that the group feels comfortable in this pair of shoes, and the band once again proves they can shine bright by playing any genre they can possibly imagine. Hightime finishes this incredible recording with another punk rock composition called The Next Move. This particular number has been enriched by some remarkable guitar shreddings, memorable basslines, and very precise drumming segments. The Next Move also possesses notable choruses, which provides even more melodic aspect of the band. It’s simply mindblowing how the band combines ideas through a wide variety of similar and non-similar music genres. These combinations prove the undeniable quality of Hightime, and I am more than positively sure you’ll solely enjoy this remarkable recording. Thrive has been available as a 7” record by Pee Records in Australia, but you can pre-order your copy through Lockjaw Records in the UK. Don’t miss the chance to treat yourself with some thoughtfully arranged music.

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