BarCreeps – We Will Disappear


We Will Disappear is a brand new full-length recording by BarCreeps. The band emerges from London, and it has been founded in 2015 by four creative musicians who wanted to explore deeper melodic punk rock waters. BarCreeps has previously published a Battle Axe EP and debut full-length album called Human Remains, both released sometime during 2017. The band returns with another promising recording, which has been entirely pervaded with incredible ideas. This material possesses a certain melancholic atmosphere, but this ambiance will also suit those who’re not solely into this type of punk rock. One thing is for sure, BarCreeps are serving loads of beautiful melodies saturated with distinctive lead vocals. These vocals have been enhanced by the occasional singalongs performed in the same vein as the leading chants. These wondrous combinations resulted in magnificent song structures that have been saturated by stalwart basslines and precisely executed drumming sequences. All these instruments are marvelously layered in one euphonious orchestration, and the entire band operates as a singular organism. BarCreeps are delivering fundamentals of melodic punk rock through eleven thoughtfully arranged compositions, but these skillful musicians are also incorporating elements of other genres in their music. Besides explorations through various incarnations of a melancholic punk rock sound, BarCreeps represent a defined blend of pop-punk, indie, emo, and hardcore punk. There are no boundaries in their music, and that’s just one of many advantages of this band. We Will Disappear presents a comprehensive collection of cleverly composed numbers, suitable for those who are looking out for a more melancholic, harmonious, and progressive punk rock music. This magnificent material has been published by the BarCreeps, and it’s currently available at various streaming services across the web. Check out their amazing music and support their work by purchasing the album at some of these streaming services.

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