Debt Cemetary – Dig It Yourself CD EP


I’ve seen this material circulating around several groups on social media, so I decided to give it a try. I was stunned by the musicianship of this Canadian skate punk quintet, which began as a one-man bedroom project. Dig It Yourself is a debut CD EP by Debt Cemetary, Toronto based melodic skate punk outlet that guarantees exceptional listening experience through a couple of thoughtfully orchestrated punk rock compositions. This EP has been announced through a couple of singles such as Kindasortamaybe, Stolen Pens Write Faster, and When Life Gives You Dilemmas, You Make Dilemmonade, all incorporated on this material published a week ago. Debt Cemetary liberates giant sonic clusters through Kindasortamaybe, a vigorous opening track that grants more than plain and simple skate punk music. The band solely relies on cleverly composed guitar dualities, complex enough to leave you speechless. However, these technicalities are subtle enough not to spoil all the fun with their complexity. The rhythm section remits overflowing portions of massiveness and dynamics, but the complete composition has been arranged to outfit contemporary skate punk standards. Stolen Pens Write Faster continues at the same pace. This particular track carries a powerful half time beat that properly enhances choruses, then the band returns back at mid-tempos, which are serving as a charming prelude to more dynamic sections of this extraordinary number. High pitched vocals are also developing magnificent enhancements at this distinct tune, and all the vocal elements are charmingly performed throughout the entire material. The band concludes this debut recording with When Life Gives You Dilemmas, You Make Dilemmonade, a mid-tempo number which has been saturated with startling melodies, palm-muted riffages, stunning basslines, and stalwart drumming performance. The band properly nailed it with a decision to place this amazing composition at the very end of a recording, because it contains all the vital elements of the closing number. Dig It Yourself is such a marvelous debut recording by these experienced musicians. You can grab a physical release on compact disc straight from a band or obtain it digitally at their Bandcamp page.

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