Trophy Jump / afewyearslater – Split EP


Today, we’re covering a split EP by two interesting melodic punk rock bands. afewyearslater are coming from Budapest, Hungary, and their music can be best defined as a profoundly energetic fusion of skate punk and melodic hardcore music. Trophy Jump originates from Zagreb, Croatia, and these guys are solely into indie/pop-punk/emo vibe. One thing is for sure, both bands are producing powerful melodic music loaded with memorable moments. afewyearslater are initiating this peculiar split release with a persuasive composition named It’s A No. Right off the bat, the band remits enormous servings of fast-paced rhythms, melodic hardcore punk shreddings, and compassionate singalongs. Somehow, these Hungarian skate punks succeeded to stack loads of melodies, and other vital elements of the genre into a compelling song that endures less than a minute. Coming up next, Trophy Jump submits a perfectly arranged pop-punk tune called Glass Bell. The band relies on calmful guitar melodies, precise mid-tempos, and a very refreshing approach to this distinctive genre. The entire composition possesses certain complexities drenched in thoughtful arrangements that classify this song under the pop-punk branch. afewyearslater strikes once again with another stalwart song named Go On. This particular track dominantly articulates through the vast universe of technically demanding guitar progressions, which has been saturated with occasional crossovers into fast-paced skate punk shreddings. The entire group operates as a singular living organism that proves punk rock is alive and well in this part of Europe. Trophy Jump indulges us with more dynamic clusters packed in Bazooka Blaze. This tune contributes awesome riffages saturated with charmingly performed basslines. Melodies on this one have been highlighted by beautiful guitar arpeggios and remarkable trumpet themes. Drumming arrangements and powerful melodic chants are delivering another perspective on this marvelous punk rock tune, and this composition provides such a great closure at this magnificent split release. This split material has been enhanced by an interesting visual identity comprised of an old school diver cleaning the unknown planet with a vacuum cleaner. It looks weird and cool at the same time, but I guess this was the intention of the bands. The split album is currently available at their Bandcamp pages, but it will also be published by a couple of labels such as JeboTon, Horn & Hoof Records, Punk & Disorderly Records, and El Bastardo Records.

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