Clear Lines – Places To Go


Clear Lines are such a remarkable quartet coming from Jerez de la Fra, Andalucía. The band has been formed back in 2017, and their music can be best described as an exceptional combination of Californian skate punk saturated with nineties emo core music. These skillful musicians have already published a debut album called Santa Catalina that has been pressed on compact disc and cassette in 2018, but the band proves they still have numerous tricks up in their sleeves. Places To Go is their latest offering to the wider audiences comprised of eleven cleverly composed compositions. Clear Lines are going all the way through fundamentals of contemporary skate punk music, but they also combine pop-punk melodies with very dominant emotive hardcore moments. These experimentations resulting in meaningful compositions pervaded with loads of memorable segments that undoubtfully enhance the overall listening experience. What really uplifts Clear Lines from the vast space of other bands is their capability to drench contemporary sound into subtle emocore melodies, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised how their music actually operates. The band entirely relies on notable harmonizations empowered by progressive riffages and precise rhythm section. Both guitar channels and bass guitar work in harmony, so you’ll definitely notice each tone performed by these instruments. Powerful drumming sequences are leveling up these instrumentations, and they’re entirely responsible for the insane dynamics of Places To Go. Clear Lines are maintaining these dynamics throughout the entire album. The main portion of Places To Go consists of vigorous skate punk/pop-punk numbers but the band obviously explore all their possibilities by delivering subtle melancholic melodies right to the table. These emotive insertions are probably one of their strongest sonic weapons, which are used quite frequently in their compositions. However, Clear Lines are not sounding repetitious, and somehow these creative musicians are breaking monotony through this distinctive habit. Places To Go are empowered by a magnificent visual identity comprised of a meaningful illustration of a factory hidden by the giant walls. This imagery suits the material with sympathetic color tones, and it can be perceived in so many ways. Places To Go are currently available at the Clear Lines Bandcamp page for a couple of euros. Make sure to support the work of these creative musicians.

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