Jarod – Drosera EP (Voice Of The Unheard Records)


Jarod is a French emo/post-hardcore quartet, which has been pretty much active since its formation in 2015. Drosera is their latest offering to the wider audience separated into four interesting compositions. They have released a demo recording and self-titled EP, both packed with various harmonic wonderments. Jarod takes round-leaved sundew (drosera rotundifolia), a carnivorous plant as the centerpiece of their material. This plant is renowned for its charming appearance that hypnotizes prey. Jarod obviously personifies contemporary society with the sinister tactics of drosera. Their songs illustrate how our environment, different perspectives, relationships, various circumstances, and isolated situations can determine our future. We are undeviatingly connected to these events, they define personal stances, cultural differences, and thoughts during our lifetime. These mechanisms can be also used to manipulate wider masses, causing various conflicts, tearing relationships, resulting in endless suffering for the affected individuals. This particular material covers the personal perspectives of an individual who goes through living hell, instantly caused by a herd mentality. Jarod presents four beautiful compositions charged with perfectly balanced melancholic melodies, which have been pervaded by delicate chaotic segments. The band somehow manages to polarize these separate ingredients without losing dynamics. Guitar parts are so precisely executed and thoughtfully arranged. A subtle layer of reverb effect provides such an extraordinary enhancement to these melodies and supplies compositions with a beautiful melancholic ambiance. Wondrous clean-sounding bass guitar defies these guitar maneuvers, but still, these elements function in flawless harmony. Magnificent drumming performance presents another chaotic aspect of the band, but the rhythm section has been arranged according to very complex guitar harmonizations. All the instrumentations have been enhanced by stalwart leading female vocals that equalize emotive chants according to a presented moment. Jarod combines genres such as emo, screamo, post-hardcore, and punk rock into a well-orchestrated sonic maelstrom empowered by meaningful lyrics. The material has been accompanied by an incredibly detailed drawing of a female character hidden in drosera fields. Drosera has been distributed by Voice Of The Unheard Records, and you can stream the entire EP at their Bandcamp page.

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