Tech Riders – In The Sky CD (Attenuation Circuit)


Tech Riders is an interesting experimental project comprised of Sindre Bjerga (Norway) and Frans De Vaard (Netherlands) who determined to join forces during their tour throughout Germany and Netherlands. It seemed like an excellent idea and truthfully, Tech Riders articulate like a charm essentially because of the creativity, experience, abilities, and effort both aforementioned artists have put into these recordings. In The Sky consists of their recordings from the specific tour, so Tech Noir has been recorded at De Ruimte, Amsterdam; Turn Up The Heat, Damage Control, And So Just Like That have been recorded at TAC, Eindhoven; Sky Is Open and Uneven Edges have been recorded at Atelierhaus 23, Hamburg; Sugar Time and Eight By Two have been recorded at Baustelle Kalk, Köln. As you can see, all these compositions were part of their collaborations before or after their separate sets, but their collaborations sounded like they’ve spent year recording collectively in the professional studio. These compositions are also assorted for the advantage of compactness of the entire material, therefore oscillations between recordings are almost unnotable. Musicwise, Tech Riders are going far and beyond conventional avant-garde circles, it would be shameless to define, categorize or simplify their sound with one particular avant-garde genre. The most straightforward interpretation of their musical progression would be thoughtfully manipulated electronica, accompanied by generous portions of various synth manipulations, musique concrete, minimal, ambient, drone and classical academy of noise. The sound is so compact, all elements are thoughtfully combined into one unifying piece perpetuated with a wide specter of various melodies, keys, noises, ambient and drone sequences, manipulations, but besides all these implementations their sound still remains within minimal electronics. Both Sindre Bjerga and Frans De Vaard thought about every single aspect of their live collaborations, and it’s more than obvious that In The Sky is a result of the conscious effort between these prominent artists. In The Sky has been published on a compact disc by Attenuation Circuit, a brilliant record label from Augsburg, Germany, mainly specialized in the publishing avant-garde artists whose expertise goes under ambient, drone, noise, musique concrete or any other specific experimental categories.

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