The Phosphorus Bombs – …Against You! EP


The Phosphorus Bombs are present on the Australian punk rock scene for a while and their brand new EP takes us to the golden era when skate punk music meant to be so much more than guitar progressions, math basslines, and hectic drumming. It’s not like these Australian punk rockers are bypassing any numerous technicalities on their instruments, but they’re delivering it in the way bands handled to play in the mid-80s till mid-90s. Their profoundly energetic music can be best defined as a contemporary approach to this remarkable genre but it’s more than obvious they’ve been influenced by the great portion of additional genres such as hardcore punk, thrashcore, metal, and rock’n’roll. All these crossovers from one genre to another occurred in a very abrasive, aggressive, raw skate punk skillfully impersonated in much technically demanding form. One thing is for certain, their brand new material meant to be presented as loud as possible, it’s technically impossible to remain peaceful while listening to these compositions and you’ll probably grab your skateboard, and ride yourself to the nearest skatepark as soon as you press play. The band has listed Bad Religion, Good Riddance, Sick Of It All, A Wilhelm Scream, No Fun At All, The Bronx and many others as their foremost influences, but to be more accurate their music goes somewhere in between Propagandhi and Rich Kids On LSD because of the extremely energetic tempos, enormous virtuosities and generous portions of sheer aggression reaching out from every conceivable direction. The band uses anger as the main driving engine, so the entire material catalyzes enormous portions of ferocity and energy throughout the entire EP. …Against You! is accompanied by excellent cover artwork comprised of a burning tower that has been besieged by the flooding waves and giant chain from the above. The cover is entirely made in dark green, black and blue tones and it perfectly suits the presented music. …Against You! is directly available for free listening at The Phosphorus Bombs Bandcamp page, so make sure to check their astonishing work as soon as possible.


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