Bella Technika – Section LP (PDV Records / Bravo Boys)


Section LP is a debut full-length by Bella Technika, a very interesting duo comprised of Milorad Ristić and Bojan Drobac, former members of now-departed Belgrade alternative rock band Darkwood Dub. It took almost two years for them to complete their debut and with lots of effort and the help of an opera singer Katarina Jovanović, they’ve completed their album which already acclaimed a lot of positive critics of the wider audience. After taking a couple of listens to their debut, there’s really no wonder why all those critics are positive because Bella Technika is the unstoppable creative machine with almost all the compositions being potential radio hits which will instantly buy your attention with all those hypnotic melodies, addictive basslines, and electronic beats. Section LP is the 21st-century almanac comprised of some rhythmical maneuvers capable enough to force your body to move all the way around against your will, in order to fulfill your unleashed desire for some undoubtfully impressive electronic ambiance full of interesting hooks, keys, synths, and another minimal or massive movements. These electronic maneuvers are so thoughtfully written, composed, arranged, produced that you’ll fully enjoy in the entire album and without a doubt crave for more. One thing is for sure, do not expect another Darkwood Dub clone, because artists surrounding Bella Technika are aiming even higher with this unique, therefore magnificent project that goes beyond standard cliches that we all used to experience by consuming various bands coming from our local scene. The sound can be best described as a pretty nonsterile mixture of electronica, mixed with a great dosage of synth wave, disco, psychedelic rock, and pop music, but with a lot more experimentations that goes beyond some standard musical genres. The greatness of Section LP is measurable by simply mentioning some of the involved guest musicians, producers and co-producers such as Seth Manchester (The Body, Daughters, Javelin), Emery Dobyns (Suzanne Vega, Patti Smith, Battles, Travis), Sonja Lončar (keyboards), Filip Krumes (violin), and Sam Dixon (guitars). Seth Manchester also appeared as a guest musician (bass guitar, keyboards) alongside Emery Dobyns (vocals, guitars, keyboards). This is more than a great debut album, it’s a well-documented progression of highly acclaimed musicians who are active on the music scene for decades. Section LP has been published by PDV Records and Bravo Boys on black vinyl and four-panel digipack CD, but it’s also available on all streaming services, so give this debut a chance and you’ll surely won’t be disappointed.

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