(The) Lesser Men – Bedrooms LP (Geenger Records)


New (The) Lesser Men record is upon us, but let’s head back into not so distant past and revisit their previous record called Bedrooms. Whoever crossed paths with this band, surely knows what to expect from these skillful musicians who’re pretty much active on the local scene for almost a decade or so. The band has already published Vacation Freeze Extension EP, Vacation Freeze LP, and (The) Better Girls EP, so Bedrooms LP is their second full-length album which has so much to offer. As the musicians, (The) Lesser Men have so much more to offer than bland modern rock music which has been exploited by the major labels for the decades. Quite the contrary, the band is dealing with a lot more melancholic approach to indie rock through mid-dark compositions full of some dream pop, alternative, or as the band itself self-proclaimed their music as adult disoriented rock. In my honest opinion, their compositions sound more like separated fragments of some giant slab of the melodic entity which awaits to be unleashed in various directions. Each song has its own epic moments, with a huge involvement of genres such as new wave, cold wave, and brit-pop which are hidden as miniature layers somewhere in the background, but hearable enough so you can get a hint about it. Bedrooms LP can be comparable with the music of some well-known acts such as Joy Division, New Order, Depeche Mode, The Cure or Editors, but with much more involvement of calmy or should I say dreamy melodies which are reflecting large portions of the almost cold and bleak atmosphere, so I assume that was surely the intention of a band. Besides the involvements of the basic instruments such as guitars, bass, and drums, keyboards are playing one of the main roles in the music of (The) Lesser Men and they’re carrying a lot that aforementioned atmosphere which is certainly filling the room with some strange, but the pleasant ambiance that upholds its presence during the entire recording. Bedrooms LP has been published by Ginger Records and it’s available on black vinyl, compact disc, but it’s also available on all the streaming services as well, so don’t miss this one while you’re waiting for their newest album which will also be available at Geenger Records headquarters.

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