Ivan Bonačić – Kraken LP (Geenger Records)


Kraken is, what I truly believe, debut solo album by Ivan Bonačić, a highly skilled musician who’s shaking all the boundaries of modern jazz music. With the enormous help of his following band, which has been comprised of Pippo Corvino on guitars, Viktor Lipić on organ, and Adriano Bernobić at drums, this Croatian artist delivers a true essence of jazz music in the brightest possible form. His debut LP consists of three compositions called Kraken, but wisely separated into three unique sections which, bonded together, mimic the musical trilogy unified into one greater instrumental tale. With that being said, Part I: Shadow In The Abyss is like an overture of the tale, while Part II: Emergence showcases some impressive skills of all the involving musicians when all of a sudden Part III: Benevolent Melodies slows down all the energetic musical maneuvers of Part II with all those calmy moments full of beautiful lounge and chillout melodies. As an addition to the album, there’s also the other three compositions, perhaps like an extension of this wonderful tale about Kraken, but with even more involvement of lounge music and relaxing moments which will probably settle you down in your easy chair with a glass of a fine vine. Somehow, these compositions are flirting with all the senses and it seems like the listener has some sort of divine experience. Perhaps, Your Eyes In The Sunrise is a logical continuation of Part III with all the calmness and pleasant warm tones of all the involved instruments, but Vague Truth is shaking the ground under the legs with all the progressive sequences of Bonačić’s saxophone. The virtuosity, complexity, and performance are at the peak of perfection, but also, the rest of the bands deals with his musicianship with high professionalism, reminding that all these musicians are no strangers when it comes to jazz music. Raven’s Dilemma is such a perfect closure to Kraken LP with a pleasant ambiance which slowly indicates the imminent end of this perfect jazz album which will instantly remind you of some famous artists in this particular musical niche. Kraken LP has been published by Geenger Records and it’s currently available on black vinyl, CD and via all streaming services, so don’t miss a chance to experience some great music by this highly skillful Croatian jazz artist.